Can I change the facilitator in the middle of the retrospective?

Yes, any member of a Team Room can both start a retrospective and take over the facilitation duties in the middle of a retrospective. 

This is a great option if someone needs to leave the retrospective early (or loses internet connection), others want to build up their facilitation skills, some team members want to participate in parts of the retrospective, or you often rotate the role of the facilitator within your team. 

Follow these steps to take over the role of the facilitator when you are a participant in the retrospective:

1. Navigate to the action button in the bottom right of the screen and open the menu. You will see that you're listed as a participant and the time counting down on the timebox (if it's in use). From here, click on the gear icon in the top right corner.

2. Clicking on the gear icon from the action menu will open the retrospective settings modal with the option to end the retrospective for all participants or take over the facilitation duties. Click "take over facilitator duties" to become the facilitator.

3. You'll need to confirm that you intended to take over as the facilitator before moving on, and clicking on that button will ensure you are the new Team Room facilitator.

4. Once you take over the retrospective, you'll see the action menu in the bottom right will include this information, and you will have the ability to move to the next phase or the retrospective and start the timebox. Check out this help article to understand more about the role of the facilitator in a Retrium retrospective.