What is a Team Room?

What's a Team Room?

Team Rooms are core to the Retrium experience. A Team Room is where you'll go to run retrospectives with other people, create and track your action plans, and  view your retrospective history. Each distinct team you work with will want their own team room to ensure the information shared is secure and only shared with the members of that group. If you're a ScrumMaster or Agile Coach that works with multiple teams, you will want to have a Team Room for each separate group with which you work.

What is an active Team Room?

An active team room is defined as a team that runs a real retrospective that advances beyond the voting phase of the retrospective and includes three or more active participants. 

If a team runs a retrospective in a Team Room during the billing month, it is considered an active Team Room. The cost of Retrium is based on the number of active Team Rooms in the billing month. Because of this, only those in your Organization with  Org Manager or Org Admin permissions are able to create new Team Rooms for your company.

Once Team Rooms are created within your Organization, members of the Team Room can invite new people to join the Team Room. Additionally, members of your Organization (except those with the Org Guest role) can see a list of all Team Rooms in your company in the left navigation panel within the Retrium app, and they can request access to join a Team Room. When they do this, the request can be accepted by any member of the Team Room.

When you're ready to  upgrade to a paid plan, you'll be billed based on the number of active team rooms.

When will I be billed for a new Team Room?

You will not be billed for a new Team Room until it becomes active. Once a retrospective within that Team Room advances beyond the voting phase of the retrospective and includes three or more active participants, it will be included on your bill. You will be charged for the active Team Room on your next bill date, since we bill in arrears. 

What happens when a Team Room is inactive?

You will not be bill for an inactive Team Room. A Team Room is considered inactive if a retrospective was not run in that team during the last billing cycle. We will automatically leave this Team Room off of your bill, so there's no need to do anything to change the status of a Team Room. 

Our value-based pricing model ensures that you are only billed for what you use. Many customers have teams that come together to retrospective once a quarter and they are only charged for usage within that Team Room 4 times a year instead of each month.

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