Creating a custom Team Radar retrospective

Retrium offers the ability to create a custom retrospectives. You can do a sticky notes-style retrospective or a Team Radar retrospective (discussed here). 

You can either:

  • Start a retrospective from scratch and create your own custom, Team Radar before you begin your team’s retrospective, or
  • Adjust the number and labels of any of our Team Radar retrospective templates during the “define” phase of the retrospective, so any technique we offer will fit with the way your team wants to collect responses and discuss results

We suggest using custom Team Radars to answer questions like:

  • How well are we living our company’s core values?
  • How are we doing with our team goals?
  • How are things going with each of our working agreements?

Team Radars are a great way to rate how the team thinks or feels about a topic.


When facilitators begin a retrospective in Retrium, there’s an option to start from scratch and create your own Team Radar retrospective at the bottom of the list of templates.

When you select this option, it will open a blank Team Radar canvas with three spokes (the minimum allowed). 

The facilitator can then edit the labels of the existing spokes.

Next, the facilitator can choose to add more spokes to the Team Radars in any location. (Team Radars allow for a maximum of seven spokes.)

The facilitator can also add a title for the retrospective.

This means that Retrium can be used to gather numerical data on any number of topics and exactly the way you want! You can mix it up and try something new to keep your retrospectives fresh and interesting.


If you start with one of our Team Radar Templates, the facilitator of your team’s retrospective facilitator can now add, remove, or rename any label on a spoke before your team collects responses.

First, choose your technique and start the retrospective.

This will start with our labeled template, but you can always change the question.

New spokes can be added, spokes can be removed, or labels can be changed. Spokes can be added to any section of the Team Radar, so you can always organize information how you like.

Once the Team Radar has been edited and is ready for feedback, your team can move on to collect responses, just like with any of our Team Radar templates. 

This allows your team to start with tested templates that customers love, while also being able to make your team's Radar retrospective your own.